HP Touchpad fun.

So, I got my hands on an HP Touchpad.  Largely due to a friend of mine telling me about it the day they went on sale… and my wife and I running to BJ’s wholesale club the next morning.  Paid full price on Sunday, got the refund on Monday. 😉

 So far it’s quite a nice device.  Lots of chatter about putting Android or various Linux distro’s on it, but quite frankly after fooling around with it for a while… I really like WebOS.  This thing can be ‘rooted’ in about 5 seconds with clear docs from HP.  Then you have full access to a standard ARM based Linux OS (WebOS). 

I’ll most more here as I tinker with it.  So far I’ve managed to get XWindows running with TWM as  a Window Manager and various xTerms. Hope to get a bit more going in native WebOS without having to resort to installing a secondary OS.




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