Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Pre-reqs for Touchpad awesomeness.

So, just wanted to make sure anyone who’s actually reading this knows up front.  You really really really need to install Preware on your Touchpad to do most of what I’ll be chattering about here when I chatter about the Touchpad.

Think of Preware like Cydia on the iPhone…. except HP isn’t out to destroy them.  They actually encourage development and fooling around on your Touchpad unlike the goons at Apple. (who seem to be more and more like the ‘adversary’ they depicted in their “1984” commercial…)

Anyway, to fetch Preware and learn more about it, hit up this page: http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Application:Preware

More to come soon….

HP Touchpad fun.

So, I got my hands on an HP Touchpad.  Largely due to a friend of mine telling me about it the day they went on sale… and my wife and I running to BJ’s wholesale club the next morning.  Paid full price on Sunday, got the refund on Monday. 😉

 So far it’s quite a nice device.  Lots of chatter about putting Android or various Linux distro’s on it, but quite frankly after fooling around with it for a while… I really like WebOS.  This thing can be ‘rooted’ in about 5 seconds with clear docs from HP.  Then you have full access to a standard ARM based Linux OS (WebOS). 

I’ll most more here as I tinker with it.  So far I’ve managed to get XWindows running with TWM as  a Window Manager and various xTerms. Hope to get a bit more going in native WebOS without having to resort to installing a secondary OS.